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Publié le 05/09/2013
La Chambre des Métiers propose des stages d'anglais de 23 heures pour une participation financière de 50€. Et vous n'avez pas
Publié le 05/09/2013
Stages anglais conversations pour les particuliers
Prolangue organise des cours d'anglais à la Rochelle "Conversations "Loisirs"sur les thèmes de l'anglais du voyage et de l'actualité.Nos professeurs
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French tuition

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For English speakers (Pour les anglophones) :
  • French 1st Aid
  • Conversationc
New comers or already living in La Rochelle you wish to improve your interactions with your neighbours, children’s school teachers or just to get to know the French way of life better and you want to understand how the French system works. This course is for you.
In a relaxed atmosphere we organize lessons aimed at 3 levels.
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LEVEL 1 - Elementary :
It will be an initiation, a discovery of the French language and its nuances. Everyday vocabulary and basic grammatical rules.
LEVEL 2 - Pre-intermediate :
You need to re-assess your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary in order to feel more at ease in your everyday life.
LEVEL 3 - Intermediate/Conversation :
You already speak French but you wish to improve your fluency and enrich your vocabulary. We will choose topics from the press, internet, or TV/radio, etc.
On demand, help to deal with French administration, Letter writing, Form filling, building permit enquiries.
If you can form a group of 4 people minimum, we will be at your disposal for lessons at your home.
Lessons last 1h1/2. Min 4 people – Max 6 people.
3-monthly payment.
"My name is Bond. James Bond"
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